Thanks for letting me be a sun-bum

23 Jun

A thank you to a family for letting me go on a beach trip with them.  Sun-bumming = my favorite.

A mother’s birthday :)

3 Jun

One of my good friend’s mother’s birthday is coming up.  Her mom really likes elephants.  On the back of the envelope, I wrote:

“Children and mothers never truly part –
bound in the beating of each other’s heart.”
– Charlotte Gray

Coworker request

3 Jun

For one of my co-workers who requested a card a long time ago.  It’s almost Friday!

Birthday card for a friend!

26 May

My friend Kend’s birthday is on Saturday!  I made him an “octopi friends” card in commemoration of our cooking adventure last week.  Happy 23rd Kends!

(I took the photo before filling out the lettering)

Thanks and Gratitude

19 May

I made cards for the counselor and teacher that help us at the high school.  One is the self-proclaimed “concierge of crisis” and the other is a biology/anatomy teacher who works countless hours afterschool and on weekends to make our program possible.

Washington Love

18 May

My friend Emily told me that one of her friends was attending Ladyfest in Birmingham, WA and asked if I wanted to submit anything.  Any excuse to make cards!  I’m going to submit a few 2010 graduation cards.  I also wanted a Washington-themed card (combining my two loves – maps & cards) and created this:

The card is of course alluding to Washington apples.  I wrote a link to this blog on the back of the cards and on the envelopes, I wrote one of my favorite quotes: “Happiness is time spent with a friend and looking forward to sharing time with them again” – Lee Wilkinson

Congratulations to the Class of 2010!

18 May

One of my friends is a high school teacher and he wanted me to make cards for his students.  I made 15 cards for him – it wasn’t as time consuming as I expected.  The school colors were silver and red – I couldn’t find silver crochet thread last minute, so I scribbled a bit of grey marker on the white thread.  If I were to make these again, I would put the hat at more of an angle and outline the top part with a silver pen to increase the contrast.

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